Staffing and Managed Services Division

Managing your priorities is key to successfully meeting your project requirements.

To help you maintain your focus, TASC Technical Services relieves you of the often-difficult task of finding and managing outside resources. There’s no need for you to sort through a maze of resumes. We do the screening; we do the research-and we do it efficiently. TASC Technical Services is your direct connection to skilled consultants with core competencies in systems and programming, design, product development, engineering, computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, and project management.

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Outsourcing Solutions and Managed Projects Services

TASC Technical Services can take your concept and turn it into reality. We are fully staffed with professionals experienced in building ideas from the ground up.

Using the powerful combination of the Internet, current applications, traditional tools, and expertise, your TASC Technical Services team can identify problem areas and devise comprehensive solutions to ensure your design goals are met. Our partnerships with tooling vendors further ensure that you receive accurate production cost estimates as well as low-cost, rapid prototypes through a variety of methods.

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