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Founded in 1988, the mission of TASC Technical Services is to provide workplace solutions that offer clients a competitive advantage in the global market. TASC Technical Services has consistently been a market leader, expanding from a consulting and service company to an innovative provider of full service outsourcing services for: Engineering; Analysis, Design, Project Management as well as Managed Staffing Solutions. Our strategy has evolved as the business environment and needs of our customers have become more dynamic in a highly competitive market.

TASC Technical Services recognized that for companies to stay competitive in the global economy, they would need to expand their vision beyond traditional work place strategies. TASC Technical Services leverages the use of the Internet, collaboration tools and sophisticated CAD/CAM/PDM applications, to offer clients a spectrum of outsourcing solutions that are unsurpassed in the technical services industry. Clients can access product data, services, and information on-demand. Information exchange is immediate, providing our clients with the competitive edge and value for cost they expect.

TASC Technical Services Managed Staffing Services provides clients with the necessary flexibility in staffing for project workloads that are short or long-term. We have worked with many clients in establishing a strategic approach to meeting their staffing needs. Many clients we have worked with look to us as an ongoing solution for meeting their schedule demands while staffing needs are fluctuating.

TASC Technical Services is a privately held LLC. Registered in the State of New Hampshire.

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TASC Technical Services is your direct connection to skilled consultants with core competencies in systems and programming, design, product development, engineering, computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering, and project management.